Sunday, 26 May 2013

Went to my first Expo today!

So today was my first ever Expo! I managed to drag myself out of bed at 3.40am to start getting ready to be picked up around 6am by Hayley and her hubby Ant. I don't know how but I somehow got ready in time. 

This was today's outfit!

We got to Roisins for about 7am and the poor girl had been at work all night and hadn't slept a wink! Both the girls looked absolutely amazing and I always feel under dressed next to them. Once we got to expo we qued for around an hour and a half which was pretty good even though the 'free hugs' kids really did my head in. I appreciate that you're excited but I'm a huge germaphobe so, no thank you.

Once we were all in we instantly started shopping. Roisin was abobut fitting over the Arkapasso's and got herself a little phone charm. I'm not one for cute but it really was adorable. As we were walking round I saw no end of Kuroshitsuji merch and just fangirled my whole way round deciding what to buy! In the end i ended up buying this beauty...

And thanks to Hayleys haggling skills I managed to bag myself a free poster too! So many people asked to take our picture but I always felt I was photo bombing it because I'm not hime lol. I'm so happy that Emi was there! I have missed that girl so much! 

No one knew where to look because everyone was taking photos!

After looking around the stalls and getting something to eat me and Emi went to sit outside in the sun for a little bit whilst the other guys took another look around! The weather today was amazing and made my mood the best it could be! Me and Emi sat on the steps beside the river and had a good natter.

The sun was literally burning our eyes >_<

At about 4 Emi plodded off with another friend and I met back up with Roisin and Hayley. We headed outside for a cigarette and some more sun! At this point we started to ask people for photo's. I had to get one with Darth Vader and the three Storm troopers so I could show my little boy and let him know i had met them! Darth Vader was telling me how awesome my tattoo's are haha!

There was a pretty good Ryuk too so I really wanted a photo with him! He was a really nice guy as well and got someone to take a photo of us all of his camera too!

I made it my mission that day to get a photo with at least 1 Grell cosplayer! I am Grells biggest fan EVER (you can probably tell already right?) I looked all day long and only saw one but couldn't find them again until we were walking back to the car park! Hurray! I also saw a Sebas-chan cosplayer and had to get a photo with him too :D

Quite a few photographers took our photo's so once they have been found I shall make a new post with them in! The drive home was so tiring and I wanted to fall asleep so bad but i pushed through and stayed awake the whole time. I also got the Mcdonalds and Krispy Kreme doughnuts i had been crazing ><

Today was absolutely amazing and was made even better being with my girls! Thanks to everyone who had their photo taken with me and thanks to everyone who made it such a fantastic day! <3


  1. I'm really glad you had such a great day ^^ And I'm glad you got a good fill of Grell too lol
    I loved it, I think I enjoyed this expo with you guys more then any other so thank you for making my day too XD


    That sun, fucking hell, SO BURNING!!! I'm so happy you got the Grell plushie!! As I write this i know you're probably squeezing him in bed!
    I had lots of fun with you and our mini photoshoots hehe! So excited so see how they turn out!! Apart from that man burning our eyes with the goddamn reflective mirror wtf!! AMATEUR!! lmao!!
    Yayayayay nexxxxxxxtttttt timeeeeee!!! FOURSOME. I FEEL LONESOME. xoxo

  3. Aww I love this post :D you always look so lovely even in the goofy face photos I'm jealous hahah!

  4. You are so cute and I really love your style *^*
    I read you're a mommy of 22 years?
    Me,too *_*
    Maybe you'd like to visit my blog,too?

    1. Oooh thank you \^3^/
      I am indeed a momma!
      Checking your blog out now :D