Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I am a cat nipple with Shanpuu dreams \*3*/

This post is well overdue and I apologise. So, last weekend I had my dear silver staying over for a few nights! Hayley came over about 7 on Thursday to help me with my business plans and it gave me time to be an adult before the other girls got here. Roisin and Silver got to mine around 9.30 and that is when the mayhem started. Everyone had recently got hauls so they were all trying each others clothes on! I couldn't join in as I'm not Hime but i did try one dress on and... well you'll see.

Yeah, no.

Whenever I am with these girls it's none stop giggles.Whether it be about us or about things that are too rude to post. I don't think we got sleep until 4am, all I know is that it was light outside! 

Friday morning we woke up and me and Emi decided we were going to out that night! We also nipped to the park with my little man because it was sunny but then we had to go back so I could bake Bee's birthday cake! We walked to the shop and when we were walking back we got papped at by a car with 2 Spidermen in and a Batman in the back... WTF? My kitchen looked as if a flour bomb had hit it. I decided to make her a rainbow cake (I've made plenty of these) and we also decided to attempt a Sailor Moon design on the top of it. We tried our best considering neither me nor Silver had used rolling icing before. Here are a few photo's from our attempt at making a birthday cake :')

Not happy because they weren't allowed in the kitchen!


Once the cake was finished I had to hurry and start getting ready for our night out! Bee being our forever Momma Gyaru told me to get in the bath and she tidied the mess up! Thank you! Me and Silver got ready and then hopped into a taxi to Roisins. Once we got there we started drinking, dancing and cuddling all the pooches! 

The outfit I wore. I was wearing something different but didn't feel all that good in it so I changed 2 seconds before the taxi got here.

Lola ♥_♥ She is so cute! I wanted to keep her!

Our night out was hilarious to say the least. Lots of dancing, talking and meeting new people! I don't know why but me and Silver ended up speaking to everyone in Japanese and a lot of them would reply in French?! No idea. In all honesty I can't remember much of the night even though I didn't drink much. When the club closed we went to get some food and then got a taxi home. When we got back Bee had made a bed on the floor for us and even bought Gureru San down for me (I can't sleep without my Grell plush!). Silver fell sleep straight away but me and Ro stayed up for a little while creeping each other out and being awkard.

Saturday morning came round too quickly considering we hadn't slept much. Ro went home and myself, Silver and Bee started to get ready so we could go up town and then off to Roisins for tea and cake.

My new wig came this morning! Eeeek 

Harley was in heaven!

Harley would not put Silvers camera down. She ended up finding loads of photo's of his Angry Birds...

 What Bee didn't know was that we had been organising a secret birthday meal with her husband Ant and her friend Nate for the past week. Before we met them me and Silver went to book ourselves in for a new tattoo yay! I'm getting Grells chainsaw on my wrist and Silver is getting a Pikachu! After that we walked up towards Wagamama and we spotted Ant and Nate sat on a bench. Bee completely missed them and Roisin pointed them out. Bee was taken a back and her hubby got a telling off because she doesn't like surprises! We made it a surprise because we knew she would decline and she deserves a day to be about her for once! When we got into Wagamama I ordered Ramen. It was my first time eating here and it didn't let me down. 

After Wagamama we walked to Roisins house for tea and cake as planned. I had no idea it was so far and I have no idea how my little man managed to walk the whole way! Once we got there Ro served us tea in this gorgeous vintage tea set and we all had some of the cake me and Silver made! 

Inside the cake!

Foxy is so cute!!!

Lola though... I love her.

(please excuse my GROSS polish)

After we had tea we went for a little photoshoot in Ro's gorgeous dining room. As per usual it didn't stay serious for very long.

I always knew Silver wanted me and now I have photographic evidence.

That night me and Silver just had a chilled out night watching Ghost Adventures and eating fast food. We did have an amazing movie moment when we found something out. I wish we had filmed it. You could not plan that reaction better! Even though we had barely slept and we were tired we still didn't sleep until 4am. 

Sunday came round too quickly and it was the day that Silver was leaving. My little man went to his Grandads in the morning so me and Silver chilled in bed all morning listening to the Kuroshitsuji character songs and being perverts over all of them. This is the morning Silver became obsessed with Shanpuu Dream...

You're welcome.

We got out of bed finally and started to get dressed as Bee was coming over with cakes because Silver was leaving today.

Now for my gay seal moment. I love these girls so much and I honestly don't know how I managed without them in my life before. I cannot believe I have only known Bee and Silver less than 3 months and already I feel like we've been life long friends. I've known Roisin for just over a year now and I feel like I've known her forever too. We speak all day everyday online about everything! I'm glad no one can see what is said because we would be locked up!